PayPal REST Checkout

  • YourShop added PayPal REST Checkout. If your online shop is still connected to PayPal SOAP Checkout, and you want to connect to PayPal REST Checkout, do the following:
    1. Login into then
    2. Click on Business Tools
    3. Click on API Credentials
    4. Click on (Get Started)
    5. Copy the CLIENT ID and the SECRET into the YourShop BackOffice PayPal configuration, No 10, then click on (Done) on the PayPal page
    6. Click on Blocked in the YourShop BackOffice old PayPal configuration, No 1, and press on [Save]
    7. On the YourShop BackOffice [Pay with ...] page make the connections between PayPal and the delivery services and press on [Save]
    8. Then synchronise only tools in the YourShop BackOffice


Sell offline with YourShop POS

  • YourShop POS is integrated with YourShop Online Shop. This powerful combination lets you sell offline and online through a single centralised system without any IT knowledge. Stock is always up to date, even if you have several POS, and Inventory is easily done. YourShop POS enables true multichannel business to keep your customers coming back. YourShop POS works on Computers, iPads, and Mobile Phones.
  • Learn more>
Sell offline with YourShop POS


Masking Communication

  • YourShop lets you communicate a message which is included in the header of all FrontStore pages. Your communication may not be consistent with your products and this will result in poor search engine indexing. If you wish to mask your information to prevent poor indexing, YourShop will show your communication on the second page only or on all pages from the second page onwards.


Print Invoice

  • In all YourShop Online Shops, by pressing [Print Invoice] customers can now print an official invoice at the end of the purchase. Please consider the environment before printing, and instead, save as a PDF file.
Cookie Pop-up


Cookie Pop-up

  • YourShop has introduced in its Online Shops, a new Cookie Pop-up which allows you, the customer, to easily choose which cookies you consent to.
  • Test Cookie Pop-up here:
Cookie Pop-up



  • The HMAC secured "Datatrans eCommerce" API, integrated in 2006, has now been replaced by the new JSON API. This updated interface is secure by design.


Donate Button


Ordering out of stock items

Ordering out of stock items


Stay on page after adding to cart

  • The feature, stay on the product page after adding to cart, is best for shops with similar products on the web page. This lets customers purchase multiple products with a minimum of clicks.
  • You can activate this feature here:
Stay on page after adding to cart


YourShop presents QQAC

  • Quick Query Auto-Completion
  • With QQAC, searching in a shop with 40,000 products is easy and fast. Even in small shops it is highly efficient.
  • Test QQAC here:


Write a Review

  • If you have an online shop let your customers review your products.
    This is essential, as it enables customers to buy reviewed products more easily, and search engines index reviewed products better.
  • With a YourShop online shop, it is easy letting your customers write reviews. Configure it here:
  • Test "Write a Review" here:


Continue Shopping

  • After an absence of ten years, we are very pleased to introduce again in all online shops the [Go Back] button. We have renamed it [Continue Shopping]. This will benefit all customers to give them the choice of which product or page they would like to peruse next.
  • You can test [Continue Shopping] by making a trial purchase in our demo shop
Continue Shopping


PostFinance Checkout

  • YourShop is connected to PostFinance's Checkout, according to their WEB Service API, without an SDK.
  • When signing up for PostFinance Checkout as Shop Owner, you must acknowledge, at PostFinance, the agreement below:
  • I hereby acknowledge and agree that my data and the data of my shoppers will be stored by the software provider customweb GmbH, Winterthur in the data-cloud of Amazon Web Services EMEA SARL, Luxembourg (subsidiary of Amazon Web Service Inc., USA) on their servers in Ireland and checked by the firewall of Cloudflare Inc., USA. Abroad my data is no longer subject to the Swiss Data Protection Act and banking secrecy. I hereby undertake to inform my shoppers accordingly.
  • Checkout appears to be more than just a PSP. It resembles an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). At Checkout you can submit a customer's detailed purchase address, delivery address, each product's amount, name, quantity, sku, type, discounts, shipping and fees.
  • As your customer's data will be hosted outside Switzerland, which you may not prefer, three anonymous order options have been introduced by YourShop:
    1. YourShop sends Checkout only the purchase amount.
    2. YourShop sends Checkout the customer's first name, last name, email address, and purchase amount.
    3. YourShop sends Checkout everything.
  • You can test Checkout by making a trial purchase in our demo shop
PostFinance Checkout


Bargain Product

  • YourShop has introduced a new product category: Bargain Product.
  • The bargain product is similar to a special offer product, but it is not shown when the date is outside the special offer time period.
Bargain Product


Structured Data

  • YourShop has added Structured Data to the online shop webpages. Structured data is a standardised format for providing information about a page and classifying the page content; for example, on an automobile product page, what is the engine displacement, the power, the number of cylinders, the number of seats and so on. With Structured Data, search engines are better able to understand what the content of your page is about.
  • Google provides a Structured Data testing tool
Structured Data


Prevent leaving the page

  • During checkout, customers leave the review page without confirming their purchase. To make them aware of this, YourShop pops up a dialogue box if they either try to close the browser or leave the page.
Prevent leaving the page


Delivery Services : How to charge for them

  • To charge for a delivery service, several factors such as product size, product weight, product material strength, must be taken into consideration. This module shows you how to easily activate the service.


Preset Payment Method

  • During each checkout, the customer must choose a payment method.
    If you activate this option, YourShop presets during checkout, the payment method the customer used in his last purchase.
    This option is particularly for B2B online shops.
  • You can activate this feature in the YourShop BackOffice


Online Shop Temporarily Shut Down


CSS Grid Layout

  • CSS Grid Layout is the ideal tool for enabling the contents of a product page to be perfectly aligned. The page can now have equal row and equal column distances. This replaces the CSS Float Model, developed in 2012, which did not allow for different row heights on the same product page.
CSS Grid Layout


BackOffice Printing

  • All YourShop BackOffice pages just print the essential data. Headers, Footers, Columns and anything else not required is invisible on the page.
BackOffice Printing


Transaction Capture

  • Transaction Capture can be used to complete previously authorized transactions. This is particularly handy if only the exact price is known, once the purchase has been shipped.



  • Statistics about your products can now be viewed.


Float Label Pattern

  • The float label pattern can be seen in all YourShops now. The inline label floats up above the input after the user focuses on the form field or enters a value. A horizontal float label pattern was developed and combined with a placeholder in 2013. This new updated version now enables the label to stay visible even after a value is entered. In the previous version the label disappeared.
Float Label Pattern


Increase of postage costs

  • YourShop lets you set a minimum postage limit. If the postage cost is lower than the limit, YourShop will supplement the difference. The supplementary VAT is calculated similarly to the postage's VAT.
  • You can activate this behaviour in the YourShop BackOffice


Copy to Clipboard

  • Copying the SKU or the EAN code to the clipboard allows you to paste it e.g. into an ERP or another application.
  • Copy to clipboard by clicking on (c). This is not a main sales drive, but an aid to help your customers easily see your products and hopefully generate sales.
  • You can activate this feature in the YourShop BackOffice
Copy to Clipboard


For Selected Customers Only

  • Selected Customers have access to special delivery services and payment methods.
  • Examples are: Delivery by PLANE PARACHUTE. Pay by INVOICE WITHIN 45 DAYS.
  • Some customers can also be restricted to just certain delivery services and payment methods.


Postage by purchase price

  • Postage determined by the purchase price is for retailers whose clients purchase more. This scheme permits decreasing postage. The more the client buys, the less postage the client pays.
  • You can activate this scheme in the YourShop BackOffice


New Servers

  • The latest version of the top rated servers from HP have been installed.
New Servers


To be sold in a Box

  • There are products which must be sold in completed boxes. Different products can be selected, but they must be of the same size.
  • A purchase can consist of several boxes and other products which do not need to be packed in a box.


Secure by IP restrictions

  • IP restriction settings are used to limit access to which IPs can access which YourShop protocols. You can individually limit access to the YourShop BackOffice, to the FTP protocol (permits maintaining your products and pictures), and to the POP3 protocol (permits fetching your purchase confirmation emails).


Secure by SSL

  • YourShop offers SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) or TLS (Transport Layer Security) for all protocols. The YourShop supported protocols are: HTTPS, FTPS, SMTPS & POP3S.


VAT : Customer included / Retailer excluded

  • Talking with Retailers is not the same as talking with Customers. The former think net of TAX, whereas the latter assume the price to include the VAT. To enable Retailers, as well as Customers, to have the best shopping experience, activate this option and create a Price Group containing a VAT Excluded Price for each product. Additionally, create preferential Price Groups for the Retailers to boost sales.



  • The XML based "Saferpay eCommerce" API was integrated in 2009. We are now replacing it with the new JSON API. This updated interface is secure by design.


Google Tag Manager

  • Google Tag Manager allows Google Analytics to better evaluate your online shop.
  • Using Google Tag Manager, YourShop sends Google Analytics asynchronous product and web client behaviour information. It reveals where web clients hesitate, what interests them. In short, how they behave on your online shop. Because it happens asynchronously, page load time is not increased and your online shop stays optimised for your clients.
  • Please import the file to connect your online shop to Google Tag Manager. The video shows you how to do it.


Purchase Confirmation Emails

  • Now up to ten email addresses can be set up.
  • For example:,, means, that after each purchase, the sales department, the warehouse and the distribution centre, are sent a purchase confirmation email.
  • You can set up the email addresses in the YourShop BackOffice


Hide Negotiated Prices

  • With a YourShop online shop, logged in resellers see their negotiated prices.
  • While showing the computer screen to a buyer, at the resellers office, it may be preferable the client sees only list prices.
  • With a mouse click on the reseller's name in the shop header, the negotiated prices can be hidden, or shown.
Hide Negotiated Prices


In Stock

In Stock


New Coupon Features

  • Max per Client: This is the maximum number of times a client can use a particular coupon.
  • Excluded: New, rental, standard and special offer products can be excluded from the coupon's validity.
    Multiple choice exclusion is possible.
  • [Amount] coupons now have the option: Repeat the coupon amount.
    Enabled, the customer gets the coupon amount as many times as there are products in the shopping cart, otherwise just once.
    Enabled, and if additionally a minimum quantity of products needs to be bought to profit from the coupon, then the customer gets the coupon amount as many times as there is a multiple of "minimum" products in the shopping cart.


Passwordless Importations

  • YourShop now allows the importing of your clients from an ERP without providing the clients' passwords in the importation. The clients create their password during their first purchase in the online shop.


Quantity Discounts


Postcode Restrictions


Bulky Goods


Payment Method Restrictions

  • By default, all payment methods are available. Since 2010, it has been possible to restrict payment methods by the purchase amount e.g. PayPal is available for sales above 100.- CHF.
  • It is now possible to make payment methods depend on the sale number e.g. pay by invoice is available on the second purchase and further sales. You can configure it here in the YourShop BackOffice:


Privacy Policy

  • Together with Mr S. Hofer, Solicitor at GHR Rechtsanwälte AG, Yourshop SA has developed a template concerning website visitor and customer data , which we are pleased to provide to you. You can align the template with your company settings in the YourShop BackOffice , then activate it. Replace the yellow text with your details. Delete what is pink if this does not apply to you.


Free above

Free above




Diacritic search

Diacritic search


EMail Address or Client ID

  • YourShop now offers the possibility of login by Email Address and also by Client ID. This is particularly useful for B2B shops.



  • Since 1999 YourShop has made fast web shops. We now serve them using HTTP/2. HTTP/2 is faster!
  • You can see how our customer shops score on mobile page speed at Google's Test My Site.
  • 53% of mobile site visitors leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load; you can read the full Google report here.


EAN code

  • YourShop now fully supports EAN codes. This is not only the case for the main product, but also for the different variations of the product. Each product variation can have its own EAN code.


Square pictures

  • Square pictures make your online shop look better. If you cannot upload square pictures into YourShop, YourShop can make them square for you. In your YourShop BackOffice, set the picture handling method to "quick" and activate the option "make square pictures"
Square pictures


Delivery date by post code

  • With this module, the customer enters his or her post code to choose a delivery date. YourShop then only presents promotions active during delivery. See it here in action by adding a product to the cart. Please contact us if you'd like to have this module in your shop.


Opening hours


Mobile touch swiper

  • To give your clients a dynamic purchase experience, we've created a mobile touch swiper for your products.
    Test it on your Mobile Phone


Price Groups

  • Price groups can be used to specify a set of prices that you want to apply to a group of customers and items.


Create new clients

  • You can now create new clients individually with a form in the BackOffice.
    Moving all records and creation of clients by file has been possible since January 2011.





PNG pictures

  • YourShop now fully supports PNG pictures.
    PNG pictures permit a transparent image background, which lets the website background shine through your product pictures, to make your products even more desirable. And this is how it looks




Import Product Options

  • YourShop creates a single product with options for all variations of a product. Our design allows thousands of variations per product (2030 exactly). It's multilingual and easy to manage.


SSL secured Shops

  • YourShop secures all online shops with a SSL certificate. This SSL encryption secures the communication between your store and your clients.
  • See the page security for more information.
SSL secured Shops


Pay icons

  • Now on all YourShops: The icons "Invoice", "Prepay" and "Pay Cash" show the customer, he may pay the purchase by invoice, prepayment or cash.


Not for Kids

  • We've designed: NOT FOR KIDS i.e. by selling alcohol, spirit or tobacco, the client must confirm during checkout, that he's at least 16 or 18 years old. Because we check the age during checkout, access to the shop is not restricted, and search engines can perfectly index your shop.


Rent out with YourShop

  • YourShop is a rental software optimising the rental process and the selling of your products.
  • See the page Rent out with YourShop for more information.


Sale or New

  • YourShop automatically adds the text SALE to pictures of products on sale, and the word NEW to new products.
Sale or New



  • Besides English, German, French and Italian, YourShop's now also available in Russian.


Multiples of products for delivery

  • Our latest feature, the purchase quantity limits, permit limits and multiples of products for delivery; e.g. 6, 12, 18, ...


Ask for information

  • We've designed a page that lets customers ask for product information.



  • We've added Instagram to the supported Social Bookmarking Sites.


Packaging cost

  • YourShop can change the packaging cost, if the postage is free.



  • Create money off or special offer coupons using YourShop BackOffice and distribute them to your clients.



  • YourShop adapts YouTube's videos to viewer's screen size. See the site to check it out.



  • YourShop's created a slideshow module. To see it function, please have a look at



  • We're happy to announce, YourShop's coded in UTF8. We're ready for foreign languages.


B2B Shop

  • YourShop is now also available as B2B shop. This is the 1st one we've created


Mobile phones & iPads

  • YourShop stores are optimised for all the different screen sizes on mobile phones, iPads, and computers.
  • See the page mobile commerce for more information.



  • We've added Pinterest to the supported Social Bookmarking Sites.


Infinite scrolling

  • We're happy to present: YourShop now has product grid layout and infinite scrolling.



  • Do you want to sell licenses? The latest YourShop allows selling licenses securely and efficiently.



  • We're happy to announce, YourShop lets you automatically update the stock levels for each product. With this, selling T-Shirts is easy!



  • All shops now have the bottom link "Impressum" implemented. Swiss law requires this!


Purchase as a guest

  • We've added "purchase as a guest" to checkout.


Google Conversion Tracking



  • From today, YourShop codes customer shops in HTML5 & CSS3.


Category Sorting

  • We'd like to present Professional Category Sorting.



  • YourShop now supports product brands.


Packaging cost

  • YourShop allows adjusting the postage with a packaging cost.


Multi shop

  • Run several YourShops with a single PSP account. This is possible with PostFinance.


Client Import

  • YourShop now also allows Client Import and Export.



  • YourShop allows adding a video to any product.



  • For top security, PostFinance and YourShop sign their Data-Exchange with a SHA(512) digest.


Google maps

  • You can now show your contact address on Google Maps.


Social bookmarking

  • See the social media sites on which your clients are recommending you.
Social bookmarking
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